Cotton Heart by Miss Marc.


Our second edition, collection of mid 2015.

Cotton Heart.

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dream boy.

Have you ever had a dreams..., where it was so beautiful, but they're also a little bit crazy, like... you can't even put it into a sentence?

Have you ever had a dreams, where you're the champion and when you got up the stage..., and someone wake you up?

Have you ever had a dreams, where you want to scream but when you do it... there were no sound?

I took a picture of my son, yesterday before dawn. He made my sunset taste like a lemon pie.
I love you boy.



Casual Day.

Nothing as casual as my Monday. Destination today is to wholesale market buy snacks, candies, drinks and all birthday stuffs, it's Silver's birthday next month :). I never even thought about this. I am sure like the feeling of what happen to me right now, the feeling where i'm so excited being a mother of an almost 1 year old baby boy. Silver oh Silver..., i love you like crazyyy :*. Our Monday outfits will be following what Silver wore, hahahahahaha simple things we do... Oh huh,  what it Bill doing on the picture :D